What Coolant Does to Your Engine

October 7th, 2018 by

There are plenty of dealerships in the Chicago, IL area that sells Toyota cars; however, there is only one Midtown Toyota. At Midtown Toyota, we have a solid reputation for providing high-quality Toyota vehicles, dependable service, and offering skilled maintenance. One of the most important, and simple, maintenance routines you can do for your Toyota vehicle is keeping a steady watch of your coolant levels.

Engines get hot, really hot. These complex machines use combustion to power your car forward, so it makes sense that temperatures would rise under the hood. To counteract this growing heat, your vehicle’s radiator controls the temperature and keeps your engine from overheating.

Coolant is a fluid that the radiator circulates to cool the engine block. Regardless if you’re driving a new Toyota Camry or a large SUV, your vehicle’s engine relies on coolant to survive. This substance is a delicate mixture of antifreeze and water that absorbs heat, and as a result, cools the engine.

When your coolant levels are low, you can risk overheating your engine, which can cause some serious long-term damage to your vehicle. When replacing your coolant, it is key that you wait until the vehicle cools down. If you open up your radiator when the engine is still hot, you can risk suffering burn injuries.

Alternatively, if your car continues to overheat, and your coolant levels continue to be low, you may benefit from the help of skilled maintenance and car servicing center.

At Midtown Toyota, our maintenance and service team can help you determine any issue you may be having with your vehicle. Maintaining the health of your car is a difficult job, and there is no reason you should go it alone. So, let our staff at Midtown Toyota help you get your car back up to driving shape.

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